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Why I volunteer with PVAA

This is Part 1 of a series by PVAA board members and volunteers

As an introvert with a lot on my plate, I was reluctant to start volunteering in the Prosperity Village area, but I’m so glad that I did! It feels great to have a sense of community and to work together to improve our neighborhood! I also wanted to meet more people and make friends. In this group, I have met wonderful and like-minded people who are devoted to enhancing our community.

Originally, I started volunteering to help with the creation of The Green at Prosperity Village. This is Charlotte’s first donated public space in decades, and it’s right here in our neighborhood! We knew the space had great potential and worked together on developing how it would look and be used. Then last fall, we organized and implemented the grand opening of The Green at Prosperity Village. It was a great neighborhood celebration, with something for everyone! Next, we worked on programing for The Green for this Spring and Summer, which unfortunately was delayed, due to COVID. I had hoped to teach free dance exercise classes and help with setting up other free exercise programs there. Since I am also a Red Cross volunteer, I planned on helping with other health promotion efforts and education about staying safe and healthy in our community. Hopefully, these endeavors can be initiated for next year’s programming! I started attending PVAA meetings earlier this year and they recently welcomed me to become a PVAA Board member. 

It has been very rewarding to work on common goals together and then see them come to fruition! We all have different areas of interest and expertise, and varying amounts of time available. But if we each do our part, big or small, we are all contributing to making this area better. And in this way, little efforts add up to big improvements!

Wendy Welch

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