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Why I volunteer with PVAA....part 2

This is Part 2 of a series by PVAA board members and volunteers

I've telecommuted for 14 years, so getting out in my own actual community and meeting neighbors is essential to me. Otherwise, I'm focused on a virtual team I never see (except, these days, on Zoom). I love my team, but I can't go grab lunch with them. Also, at work, often I'm working on something abstract like a spreadsheet or a PowerPoint presentation.  It is very satisfying to volunteer and do something more tangible - something I can see in the moment. When we do a trash pickup, we've automatically made the neighborhood nicer. When we work on the pollinator garden or the bird feeder at The Green at Prosperity Village, we're making a nice place for neighbors to gather. It's a nice way to feel your impact, and to meet great people who genuinely care about our community and making it a better place. Making friends and having fun are essential at any stage of life! 

You might care a lot about nature - come join us in The Green or help us as we volunteer in other neighborhoods in their community gardens. You might care about what you see when you drive down the street - PVAA meets with developers to stay current on what's happening, and to see if we can influence their designs and spot any safety issues. You might care about education or be a reader - we sponsor several Little Free Libraries in the area and will be restarting the community book club and the kids' story times sponsored by the Library, as soon as it is safe to do so. You might care about supporting and strengthening one another during these difficult times - PVAA is always looking for ways to connect with and support our local businesses, schools and churches. What's your passion? Maybe we can support you, also! 

Emily Stevens

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