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Why I volunteer with PVAA...part 3

This is Part 3 of a series by PVAA board members and volunteers.

As a retired adult and fairly new to Charlotte, my thought was to start volunteering to meet folks in my new neighborhood. I volunteer my time with many organizations and most of my volunteering is with outdoor groups, like Mecklenburg County Park & Recreations.

My first connection with PVAA was helping out with the set up and take down of a Food Truck Rally event.  I met Shika and Theresa that day. 

Since then, I have done trash pickups, other set up and take down events, community meetings on development and then the planning of opening day for The Green at Prosperity Village.  At that point, I really wanted to be involved and started to attend PVAA Board meetings to help where I could.

But honestly, I joined the board to know what is going on in our area and to see how I could help in some small way.  The outcome was meeting some great folks with a similar passion.   

You can all help and give as much time as you have to give, but you need to become involved to be a part of this great community and great group known as PVAA.

Hope to see you out and about in our neighborhood!

Linda DiTroia

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